APPLE IPhone 7 Audio I.C Repairs

IPhone 7/7+/8/8+ Audio I.C Repairs

The audio IC iPhone 7 problem is with its audio function (commonly found in iphone 7/7+/8/8+). Also called loop disease, we believe it may be caused by a loosening of the audio chip on the motherboard of the phone. Fixing the loose chip requires the chip to be temporarily removed and the wires beneath the chip to be soldered together.

Although Apple issued a recall for a different chip issue earlier that year affecting the Qualcomm chip in some iPhone 7S models, no recall has yet been issued for the audio IC iPhone 7 problem.

Users have reported issues including occasional freezing of the phone screen, a grayed out icon for voice memos, a grayed out speaker icon during calls, and distorted audio. Some users have reported entire loss of audio during phone calls or FaceTime calls.

Problems often get worse over time, as the chip’s connection to the motherboard continues to loosen. In the final stage of loop disease, the phone may freeze or infinitely loop while displaying the Apple logo when starting up. Often, users will not realize that their phone has loop disease until it reaches this final stage, as many people do not reset or restart their phones regularly.

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