Motherboard Repair

A close-up view of a motherboard being repaired, showing various electronic components and soldering equipment

The motherboard is the central printed circuit board in most modern computers. It houses many of the crucial components of your computer and provides connections for a multitude of computer peripherals. The motherboard is also commonly referred to as the main board, system board, or logic board A motherboard is like the nervous system of the computer as it provides the electrical connections by which the other components and peripherals of the computer communicate. It also hosts the central processing unit, the memory controller, and allows for the transfer of information to devices like your hard drive.

A faulty computer can be extremely inconvenient and cause a variety of issues, but motherboard failure remains at the top of the list. We can assist you in diagnosing and repairing faulty laptop motherboards. Our motherboard repair service is provided by experts who can assist you with motherboard repair while saving you a significant amount of time and money.


Motherboard problems can manifest themselves in many ways. Because all other devices rely on the motherboard, it can be hard to tell if a particular problem is caused by a seemingly faulty device or the motherboard itself. With our complete set of diagnostic tools in the hands of our experienced technicians, we are able to rule out all possibilities and get to the root of the cause, even when the problem lies with the motherboard itself.

Because we keep a skilled electronic repair technician on staff, we are often able to perform low-level repairs on motherboards that other shops are unwilling to attempt. This is advantageous when you have a rare or hard to find motherboard, as repairing your existing motherboard can often save you money. Repair isn’t always plausible, so we will need to run a full diagnostic first to determine if motherboard repair is a good option for you.

The Mobile Hub is an one stop repair shop for all your repair needs!

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