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Cracked Screen? Slow Laptop? The Mobile Hub Has You Covered!

Looking for a reliable and swift solution to your tech woes? For all tech repair needs, look no further than The Mobile Hub! We started in 2012 and have expanded to create branches known for their standardised support and quick fixes.

Phone fix near me? We’ve got you covered! Our skillful technicians can fix a lot of problems like cracked phone displays, water damages, battery replacements or software malfunctions. Although mobile phone fixing is our major specialisation! Tablet screen repair near me? We can fix that too! New life can be given to your smart-phone, tablet, laptop or even desktop computer at The Mobile Hub. 

It’s really irritating when a gadget fails. That’s why we emphasize on density in our services, meaning that you do not get lost in a crowd of strangers. Technicians are always available to identify the problem and give an affordable way out.  

However, our expertise extends beyond repairs only. Mobile Hub also offers a comprehensive suite of IT Services. Do you need help with web development, branding, digital marketing or SEO? We will do it all! We offer logo design and even network services, acting as your trusted NBN contractor.  

The Mobile Hub is committed to providing a quality experience, regardless of which store you visit.  So next time you type “mobile repair near me” or “phone fixing places near me”, just remember The Mobile Hub and get back into business immediately.

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Mobile Development
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Our Services

The Mobile Hub, a trusted tech haven since 2012, boasts a growing chain of stores offering immediate repairs for a wide range of devices.  

Looking for “phone fix near me” or “mobile repair near me”? Look no further! From fixing mobile phones to computers such as laptops and desktops, tablets’ display screens plus others, our experts have all it takes to deal with different problems at once. Our wisdom is not only confined to handsets but also extends to any device you may want to repair.  

The Mobile Hub prioritises swift, high-quality, and standardised service, no matter which store you visit across our expanding network. This means wherever you are, you’re guaranteed a reliable and efficient experience. But our services extend beyond mobile phone repair. We are the place for all tech-related concerns. Need a website refresh?  The services provided by the Mobile Hub include web development, branding, digital marketing, SEO and logo design among others. 

Network issues slowing you down? To ensure that your internet connection runs smoothly, we offer professional Network Services as well as being an NBN accredited contractor which means we have the experience required for setting up your internet.  

At The Mobile Hub we have the best solution for all technology needs.  So next time you search for “phone fixing places near me” or “tablet screen repair near me”, remember The Mobile Hub – your trusted partner in keeping your tech world running smoothly.   

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Our Happy Customers

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Peter Burr

“Fantastic company! Trustworthy, honest and great service. Posted my iPhone to them, they diagnosed problem fitted new parts and returned exactly when they said they would. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

user testimonial

“Fantastic company! Trustworthy, honest and great service. Posted my iPhone to them, they diagnosed problem fitted new parts and returned exactly when they said they would. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

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