How To Fix MacBook Some Keys Not Working

What should I do if my MacBook keyboard not working?

1. Set Option to Turn off the Mouse Keys

Most of the keys on the keyboard can respond, but nothing is entered when u, i, o, j,k, l is typed.

From the replies in the forum, many people have mentioned this problem. Just cancel the setting.

The method is as follows:

System Preferences – Accessibility – Mouse and Trackpad – Options -“Press the option key five times to toggle Mouse Keys”

If the account you logged in has disabled the mouse button, but the MacBook keyboard does not respond, switch the button of the mouse button to “On” and”Off” to restore functions.

Double-clicking option 5 times is used to turn on the keyboard to control the mouse pointer, so the mouse button is the most obvious indication that the MacBook air number keys not working. When you type numbers, the mouse cursor moves very slightly.Therefore, if you try to type a number, the mouse cursor on the screen seems to be shaking in a small area.

2. Software Conflict

MacBook keyboard stops working after login. So, it may be that the keyboard is not broken. After entering the system, due to some program conflicts, the keys do not respond.

Does it happen after installing a new application? It is very common for applications to cause conflicts and cause other error. Try to delete the latest application to check if the MacBook keyboard is working.

MacBook some keys stopped working maybe caused by the driver not being loaded or the keyboard setting error. The most straightforward solution to this is to reinstall the system. If there installation MacOS is too troublesome, you can try to check background services/programs, check the programs and services whether it is normal uninstall. Troubleshooting is a waste of time and some service cannot be checked.

When resolving software conflicts. Prioritize virtual OS, optimization application,etc. Due to the operating system environment, such problems may be caused.

3. Perform PRAM Reset

Perform PRAM reset to eliminate most of the error and make them run again. Do this by pressing and holding option +command + P + R at the same time at startup (before the beep), keep holding these keys, the screen will turn black again… and then when you hear the beep the second time release.

If it fails, or the problem recurs,please follow the steps below.

How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac

4. Determine if Water Damage

The keyboard is not working properly. Water may short-circuit and damage the circuit.

5.1 Remove the bottom cover, disconnect and remove the battery.

5.2 If the battery is wet, wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

5.3 Remove the hard drive and look at the controller board on the bottom of the drive.

5.4 Remove the motherboard. After removing the motherboard, clean all remaining internal components (DVD drive, touchpad, motherboard, etc.).

5.5 Check for liquid damage, corrosion, damp places, etc. on both sides of the motherboard.

5.6 Also, check the MagSafe power connection board.

5.7 Use a brush and isopropyl alcohol to remove all liquid damage/corrosion.

5. MacBook Some Keys not Working after Spill

Many users have reported repeated or unusable keys.

Usually, users will find that certain MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air keyboard keys have stopped working. In the worst case, the user finds that the space or Shift key has stopped working.

Clean the keyboard. If there is liquid or cola under the key, it may prevent the key from being pressed all the time,making the MacBook doesn’t respond to key presses.

If removing individual keys and removing dirt is troublesome, then you can also replace the keyboard, which maybe expensive. If you buy a online and replace it yourself. It will not cost more by replacing the keyboard yourself or using an external USB keyboard. You may only need to pay tens of dollars in keyboard cost.

If Your Macbook Still have issues you can bring it to one of our stores or send it to us via post and we can rectify the issue for you!