Advanced Mobile Phone Repair Course

Become an Expert in Mobile Phone Servicing and Repairs with The Mobile Hub. Enroll now to advance your career in the mobile repair industry.

Course Overview

The Mobile Hub offers you a well-rounded course on Mobile Phone Repairs and Servicing in Westend, Australia. This will give the necessary skills to excel in the industry of mobile phone repairs. They will fill in the theoretical and practical learning gaps that are missing from these programs to make one have a well-rounded education in servicing mobile phones. Our curriculum features very elaborate modules on the basics of mobile communications and electronics, hardware and software repairs, and advanced troubleshooting techniques. Enroll now to kickstart your career in mobile phone repair with The Mobile Hub.

Course Structure

The training is divided into three main parts:

Detailed Syllabus

  1. Theory
  2. Practicals
  3. Practice
Module 1: Basics
  • Basics of Mobile Communication and Electronics
  • Study of Digital Electronics
  • Assembling & Disassembling of Mobile Phones
  • Different types of mobile phones
  • Use of Various Tools & Instruments
  • Details of Various Components
  • Mic, speaker, vibrator, LCD, antenna, etc.
  • Testing Components with Multimeter
  • Use of Battery Machine (DC Supply)
Module 2: Hardware
  • Introduction to Printed Circuit Board (Motherboard)
  • Study of BGA ICs
  • Names and functions
  • Identification of Various ICs
  • Soldering & Desoldering Techniques
  • Using soldering iron and rework station
  • Working with SMD / BGA ICs and PCB
Module 3: Software
  • Understanding Software Faults
  • Introduction to Flasher Boxes and Software
  • Flashing Various Handset Brands
  • Formatting Virus-Affected Handsets
  • Unlocking Handsets
  • Through codes and software
  • Using Secret Codes
  • Downloading Procedures
Module 4: Troubleshooting and Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Fault Finding & Troubleshooting
  • Steps for Repairing Hardware and Software Issues
  • Circuit Tracing and Jumpering Techniques
  • Troubleshooting via Schematic Diagrams
  • Repairing New Hardware Faults
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

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