Server Installation

The heart of your business, in the safest hands

Your server installation is the heart of your business, and our The Mobile Hub support service makes sure it’s in safe hands right from the word go. We design server installations as part of small and medium sized business networks, and we can also help you with hardware recommendations: both for the servers themselves and for the equipment you need to keep them working properly.

Keeping cool under pressure

Heat can cause severe problems for a server, and can ultimately be responsible for data loss or interruptions in the service you provide to your end user. Our server installation experts will make sure your system stays cool no matter what you do to it. Talk to us about fans, false floors and switches. Our expert system designers will create a server installation that maximises your power and data transfer speed without breaking your budget.

Delivering future-proofed data power

In today’s rapidly changing world, delivering servers that are powerful enough to run everything you need now isn’t enough. We look at your business’ IT requirements in detail before we recommend a server for you. Our goal is to keep your IT capability open-ended, ready for expansion as your business grows and technology advances.

Making the most of your space

Not every business is lucky enough to have a dedicated server room, cooled with air conditioning and raised floors. Our support team is excellently placed to make the most of the space you have available, with blade servers, mini servers and compact rack servers. If you need to control the power usage of multiple small servers in a confined space, we can also suggest rack mounted switches and power monitors.

Protecting the lifeblood of your business

Your business’ lifeblood is the data that resides on your servers. That data powers your website, your customer contacts and your internal processes. That’s why, when we develop a server installation, we also look at the security that protects it. We’ll recommend and install monitors, which will tell you when your server is running into problems, and we can also deliver web based monitoring software solutions. A user friendly interface lets you check detailed information about the performance of the server, and enables us to spot any potential issues early.

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